There are many things that make PMEB the best choice.

  • Experience of over 18 years and a multitude of specialties.
  • Excellence in performance. We take great pride in our work and the success of our clients.
  • Communication contributes to the success of the relationship.
  • Follow-up is a key part of our services.

The Advantages of Outsourcing the Billing

Consistent cash flow
The billing process continues to keep the cash flow uninterrupted.

Lower cost for the provider
In general there is a cost savings for staff benefits and training. Also, there are fewer requirements for hardware and software.

No vacation or sick time
PMEB is staffed to continue the billing process at all times.

Through reporting the provider has the information necessary to know what is happening on the financial side of the practice.

PMEB is available to answer any questions or concerns from providers, staff and patients.

Staffing requirements

The provider no longer needs to pay for hiring, salaries, benefits, training and continued education for billing staff.

Checks and balances
The internal staff as well as PMEB work together to monitor the billing process.

Accounts Receivable
Following up on unpaid or lost claims by the insurance carrier is a very important part of the process.

Hardware and software requirements
A provider now has the choice as to maintaining or upgrading their hardware and software for other office needs because the billing is being handled outside of the office.

Reduced internal losses
Accountability keeps the money flowing where it needs to be reported