Claims are transmitted to carriers that are able to receive electronically. To date, not all carriers or IPA’s are able to receive electronically.
All payments typically go to either the provider’s office or a designated lockbox. Money is never deposited by PMEB. In some circumstances the provider may use PMEB as a mailing address for payments. When payment is received at the PMEB office, it is forwarded to the provider’s bank or the provider as determined by the provider.

There will be one person chosen to manage your account. However, PMEB has a staff of people who will be able to answer calls and questions from your staff or patients. You will always have the option to talk to the department supervisor or manager.
No. Not every practice requires or requests all of our services. We will discuss your needs and our services and find the perfect match.
The work from your office can be sent via mail, PMEB’s FTP site, overnight, email or fax (only for smaller amounts). Whatever resources are available to you for sending the work to us will be fine with us.
Our business hours are 8:30 – 5:00 CT Monday – Friday.
There are several reports that are provided monthly. During our discussions we will determine if there are any additional reports that you may require.
Once it is identified as to your needs, the specific charges are identified. Typically we charge on a percent of collections.
No. We generally receive either hard copy or electronic files from your office. The data is entered into our software and transmitted to the clearinghouse/insurance carrier. No additional software purchases are required for your office.
As long as the information we need to produce your claims is available on your current forms, there is no need to change. However, we will recommend forms for your use if we are able to reduce the amount of paperwork necessary for your staff to send to us for billing.
The provider’s office is generally responsible for the coding. The provider is the one who saw the patient and would know the diagnosis and procedures performed. We will assist in coding guidance but will require diagnosis and procedure codes from the provider. There are special arrangements for EMS providers regarding coding.

You determine the fees you will be charging. We will assist or guide you to confirm that you are charging appropriately.
A/R recovery for the claims filed by PMEB is covered in the fees charged to the provider. We deal directly with the insurance companies to determine claim status and resubmit if necessary. There is no additional charge for this service.

Yes. Unless the provider specifies that they will collect all of the patient portions in-house, PMEB will be sending patient statements monthly (or as specified).

PMEB has experience with many of the Medicare and Medicaid applications. There is a separate charge for assistance with the applications.

The PMEB staff is trained to watch for errors or missing information on the data sent from the provider’s office. A list of questions will be sent back to the provider requesting more information before the specific claim will be submitted to the insurance carrier.

There is an initial or set-up charge. In addition, should the provider request assistance with any Medicare or Medicaid application, there is an additional fee.
PMEB has worked with several EHR/EMR systems. We will work out the details on acquiring the data from your system
PMEB transmits claims to a clearinghouse. The clearinghouse performs additional front-end edits before claims are forwarded to the insurance carriers.
Yes. PMEB is always open to new providers of all specialties.

What Our Clients Say

“Preferred Medical Electronic Billing has done an exceptional job. We have been pleased with the cash flow, the filing of claims and the insurance follow-up to make sure everything is paid.”
“They also handle patient billing and field calls from our patients to resolve any problem patients have with their bills.”

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