Employee vs. PMEB Medical Billing LP Compensation Profile

Billing Categories Medical Biller
@ $15.00 per hr.
Annual Salary $30,900.00 $0.00
Taxes(7.65%) $2,363.85 $0.00
Insurance $2,400.00 $0.00
Worker’s Comp Ins. $413.77 $0.00
Vacation Pay  7 days None
Holiday Pay  6 days None
Sick Pay 5  5 days None
Annual Costs  $37,860.31 per biller % of Annual Revenue

What Our Clients Say

“PMEB has done an exceptional job. We have been pleased with the cash flow, the filing of claims and the insurance follow-up to make sure everything is paid.”
“They also handle patient billing and field calls from our patients to resolve any problem patients have with their bills.”

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