PMEB Medical Billing Goals

The goal of PMEB is to maximize cash flow by providing a full service medical billing center and continuous A/R recovery, making sure claims are paid properly, ensuring faster and more efficient arrival of money to the medical care provider. Another goal of PMEB is to keep our clients current on industry changes

Mission Statement

To help our clients be more successful in the medical billing industry by providing the most technologically advanced methods for insurance and patient billing and providing excellent service for the Houston area.

We bill for all types. Physician billing, Ambulance billing, DME billing.

Physician Billing

Ambulance Billing

DME Billing

We do Texas Medical Billing and Medical Billing Nationally | Houston Medical Billing

What Our Clients Say

“PMEB has done an exceptional job. We have been pleased with the cash flow, the filing of claims and the insurance follow-up to make sure everything is paid.”
“They also handle patient billing and field calls from our patients to resolve any problem patients have with their bills.”
“Our billing and collections have improved twenty to thirty percent, and more importantly, our consistency of collection has stabilized.”
“If you are interested in your productivity and reducing your overhead, give these people a call.”

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